Lord of the Rings meets Narnia!

Under the Tree - Michael T. Ashgillian

I had the privilege of reading this book before the release date of the 4th July. It is the first work to be published by Michael T. Ashgillian (not his real name!) and I can't believe that this little gem has been hidden away for so long! The good news is that there are apparently another nine in the series known as the 'Northland Tales' and if this is anything to go by, I will be reading them all.

I am an author and as such I realise there is a particular skill to writing a great children's book - I don't have it, but Ashgillian does - in spades!

It has something I think to do with never patronising the reader, regardless of their age and the author here has managed that beautifully it works as a great children's adventure but also as a gentle adult read. I loved it and cannot recommend it highly enough. With elements similar to both Lord of the Rings and the Narnia tales - a treat for older children and adults alike.