The Vanished Man (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel)

The Vanished Man - Jeffery Deaver Good book and an entertaining read but was about 50 pages too long in my opinion - story seemed to drag on a bit after it had really concluded and I felt a lot of the characters were superflous and just there a bit for window dressing without having much in the way of charecterisation to make them interesting. Which is a bit contradictory I know, especially as I have already said it was too long - but a lot of the characters were not really necessary. Like his other book "The Bone Collector" also a Lincoln Rhyme story - it would make a better film than book. I also think the idea of the hero as being a paraplegic is an interesting and novel idea, but is a bit limiting once you have explored his frustrations and vulnerability - it gets in the way a bit of a good story I think.