'The Gathering' is launched!

The Gathering - David P. Elliot

'The Gathering' - The long awaited sequel to the International best seller 'Clan' from David P Elliot has launched and all pre-orders have been despatched and will be landing on your doormats any day now if it hasn't already.


You can order your copy at Red Cap Books and if you haven't read 'Clan' you can get that there too!


It is also available from all major book outlets and in e-book formats.


The Gathering


'28 years after a young child is rescued from a supernatural attack the nightmares have begun.


Are these simply childhood memories emerging from somewhere buried deep in his subconscious? Or has the Evil really returned to attack him once more?


In David P Elliot’s sequel to his historical supernatural thriller ‘Clan’, Thomas Ralstone needs to turn again to his family to understand what is happening and why a Russian mercenary is stalking him and seems determined to return him to the scene of his childhood nightmares in the Borders of Scotland and the dark brooding menace of Hermitage Castle where it seems a 700 year old curse is once again unravelling to threaten him.'