The Gathering

The Gathering - David P. Elliot

Second print run of the 'Clan' sequel 'The Gathering' almost sold out - time to order it if you want it!

Most recent review

'I have waited (not very patiently) for the follow up to CLAN with keen anticipation and because I enjoyed CLAN so much I was a little bit apprehensive about how the author would tackle the next book, having now read the Gathering I am not disappointed.

The Gathering, excellent, excellent, excellent! From page 1 of the prologue I was as they say "back in the zone" The author has masterfully carried on this very exciting story from the first book. The Gathering is a superb mixture of the historical mixed with the supernatural and is a wonderfully crafted piece of writing.

The story is excellently written with many twists and turns and with the addition of new strong characters the author has built on the excellence of CLAN and dare I say surpassed it with The Gathering.'

I would highly recommend The Gathering to anyone who enjoys excellent writing, wonderful plot and superb characters