Email from Canada re: 'The Gathering'

Email received just now from Canada from reader Terry Myles who has just finished 'The Gathering'

"Hi David  Just finished your book yesterday and loved it ! It seemed to just flow from one book to the other . I was captivated by all the twists and turns and how the story evolved . Still hoping to see a movie as it would be great to film in Scotland and Heritage Castle WOW ! Just like Clan I found it hard to put it down and was kinda sad when I finished it . Wondering if the red cap will look like the one in my mind ? Disgusting little things they are . Keep in touch about the possible movie , I think it would be a great hit . Would like to get back to Scotland in the next few years and check out Hermitage and the borders . A big thumbs up from me on The Gathering , can you say mini series ? Any way take care keep me informed thanks Terry Myles   ps who would play Susan ??"