'The Gathering' by David P Elliot

The Gathering - David P. Elliot

Two more reviews of 'The Gathering' by David P Elliot - the sequel to his novel 'Clan'



'Like the other reviewers I have been desperately waiting for the sequel to Clan to be brought out. I bought it and made sure I had a weekend with nothing booked so as to make sure I could read it from beginning to end with no interruptions as I had found that Clan was a "could not be put down" book. I have to be honest - I was not disappointed, I could not put it down as the book is such an excellent page turner. I was hooked from page one, the story flows so well and has subtle references to Clan but does not over repeat the original story as I find some books do, which can spoil a good read. the twists and turns kept it exciting and I was not expecting such a good ending, I was kept guessing until the very end as to the finale and I cannot wait to reread it again as I always do with excellent books.

David, Keep up the excellent work and I cannot wait for the next book to appear - please don't keep me waiting too long - I don't think I could bear it!!'



'Like one of the other reviewers, I waited somewhat impatiently for this book, having read Clan more or less as soon as it came out. Hence the waiting period was not insignificant! I was just not sure at all what to expect by way of the follow up to Clan - what was there to write about? David captured my attention very quickly and, as with Clan, the book was never far from me. I needed to keep reading it to find out how things were going to be resolved. I was totally gripped! I am not sure if there could possibly be a 3rd book in this series, but if there ever is, I shall certainly be reading it!'

Source: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Gathering-David-P-Elliot/dp/0957341148/ref=sr_1_1_bnp_1_pap?ie=UTF8&qid=1375898650&sr=8-1&keywords=the+gathering+david+p+elliot