WALLACE: For Freedom Alone

WALLACE: For Freedom Alone!Due out on the 2nd September, the first in the great trilogy about Scotland's greatest hero William Wallace by E.G, Spitzer has been translated into English by Monika J Becker and edited by David P Elliot (author of 'Clan', 'The Gathering' etc.) under the title of 'WALLACE: For Freedom Alone'.


Published by Red Cap Publishing the book can be pre-ordered at £7.99 a saving of £2.00 on the retail price following the launch.


‘WALLACE: For Freedom Alone’ is the English language translation of the
first part of the trilogy written by E. G. Spitzer of the legendary battle of the
hopelessly outnumbered Sir William Wallace, Chieftain of Ellerslie, against
the English occupying power for the freedom of his beloved Scotland.

In the year of our Lord 1307, John Wallace, on the eve of his execution, is
telling his own life story, and that of his brother William.

Scotland lies defeated at the feet of the English king, whilst marauding English soldiers rob, loot and set fire to anything that is left.

The Scottish nation is starving, dying and has given up.

Meanwhile, the path of the young William Wallace seems sketched out. As the second-born of the family he was traditionally destined to have a career
as a priest and scholar.


Yet fate had very different plans for him ...

The book is a fact based fictional account using the latest historical findings
and tells the remarkable story of William Wallace’s real and furious assault to
free his nation - for freedom alone.


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There will be two further titles on the trilogy to follow.