The Dead Room

The Dead Room - Robert Ellis This is a superior version of the serial killer genre. Many seem to wish to out-do eachother with the level of depravity of the murderer, but whilst this perpetrator here is equally vile, the book does address more general concerns such as the pressure on individuals in positions of power to put their own ambitions before justice or the protection of the individual. Once again, we see a lawyer in the position of the hero fighting injustice and putting his own career, well-being and indeed his life before personal advantage. This of course like all the many books where a lawyer is the hero, is a suspension of belief too far for many of us, experience shows that lawyers are more often the cause of the problems of injustice than the solution, but I will let that go in this case! The imagery of the private playground of the killer who appears to have the economic ability to protect himself from discovery is truly frightening. An excellent example of the genre and well worth a read if you are in to it.