Take Two (A crime thriller with a killer twist)

Take Two - Stephen Leather I enjoyed this book although I didn't much like the inclusion in the description as 'having a killer twist' it is almost a challenge to make sure that you second guess the author so you are usually not surprised by it at all! Telling me there is a twist before I start reading spoils any pleasing surprise you might experience by encountering it unexpectedly, as you are already waiting for it! As it happens I still enjoyed it, it was an easy and comfortable read quite well written and an interesting enough plot line with lots of references to celebrity culture and the way modern day soap operas work behind the scenes.No need to think too much it is one of those books you can read before you go to sleep without worrying about your brain turning over trying to work out possible alternative endings.I feel like I'm in danger of 'damning with faint praise', that is not my intention, I enjoyed it on the whole - personally however I'd have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been told in advance there was a 'killer twist' because frankly it wasn't a twist at all as it was completely transparent and obvious.Good enough to enjoy though and I will try some more of this author's work.