Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek - P.S. Brown I didn't find this book a very good read. It is a debut novel apparently and I do think the author shows sufficient promise to anticipate that future novels will get better but it was not brilliantly written and I found the style of writing very repetitive with thought processes being repeated endlessly. It would have benefited from a good editor. The biggest disappointment for me however was that the 'shock' resolution which I will not go into here to avoid risking spoiling the plot was, for me at least, predictable less than a quarter of the way through the book. In a way this actually led me to continue reading just in the hope that I was wrong and a less predictable resolution might emerge - but unfortunately it didn't. Lots of irritations for me I cannot believe for one minute a gang of kids would call themselves 'The Excellent Eight'rather lame play on the famous 5. and the behaviour of the main character was just unconvincing. Perhaps a more experienced writer would have been able to create more threat and concealed the denoument more effectively. It came across to me like a children's book, but with too much violence to truly fit into that category. On the whole rather disappointing.