If The Dead Rise Not

If The Dead Rise Not - Philip Kerr Excellent book with a really well developed character in the form of the Detective Bernie Gunter. The book starts in a particularly interesting time on Germany's history leading up to the Berlin Olympics in 1936 with Hitler and Nazism on the rise. Gunter is a pragmatic character with no allegiance to Nazism but with a realistic approach to surving through a form of 'dumb insolence' - much more realistic as he survives by a combination of compromise and his wits. A very unusual structure to the book as a section ends before the war and then leaps 20 years to post-war Cuba. Great research and knowledge of pre-Castro Cuba and excellent twists and turns. Some of Kerr's writing is extremely funny, with a great sense of black humour - for example describing the German City of Bonn, famous only as being the birthplace of Beethoven, as being so boring it was somewhere you could live for years without realising you were deaf!Immediately bought the sequel! Recommended.