A Quiet Flame

A Quiet Flame - Philip Kerr Another remarkable story from Philip Kerr. This time chapters fluctuate between 1932 where our 'hero' Bernie Gunter is a policeman investigating a so-called 'Lust Murder' of a crippled young girl, the daughter of a prominent Nazis and 1950 - having escaped to Argentina with Adolf Eichmann, where he meets Juan & Eva Peron and investigates the disappearance of another young girl. Is the killer he failed to catch in 1932 still alive and living in Argentina? What are the real motives of the Perons and the assortment of escaping Nazis in South America?Kerr does not shy away from the horrors of the war and as usual nobody, on any side, including Gunter himself, comes out of it with much honour.Highly recommended.