The Ghost Writer: A Novel

The Ghost Writer: A Novel - Robert Harris I am a huge fan of Robert Harris having read several of his books with 'Fatherland' being a particular favourite. This is a well written tale and as is usual with his books deals with real-life scenarios where the reader already has some knowledge of the subject (Enigma & Pompeii for example)- but this is different. Perhaps the others are far enough in the past from my personal experience being set, as they are, in WWII or during the destruction of that well known and often visited Italian city. But read Ghost and it is absolutely unavoidable to conclude that this is about a character who is quite clearly based on Tony Blair and as a consequence it is Tony Blair you see in your mind's eye with every line, incident and comment. Unfortunately, you also cannot dismiss from your mind the vision of Cherie Blair. Neither of these characters are people I want to spend my time thinking about, although my attention was held when it appears that evidence has been found of the fictional ex-PM from the book being directly involved in ordering the capture and rendition from Pakistan of suspects for torture. His ex- Foreign Secretary (presumably Robin Cook?) is seeking his trial in the International Criminal Court for War Crimes. Probably the possibility of this character ever having to face a criminal court, pleasant though that thought might be, is a suspension of belief too far even for Mr Harris. However, the actual denouement, which I wont reveal to avoid spoiling the story, is unsatisfactory and missed I believe the opportunity to explore what actually would happen had this character been put before a court to account for what is clearly, in my view, highly questionable behaviour that still has not been satisfactorily investigated. Perhaps my personal views are just to fixed to accept what seems to me to be a bit of a cop-out in terms of a conclusion. Please note however, that I have still given the book 4 stars and would still recommend it.