All the Things You Are: The Life of Tony Bennett

All the Things You Are: The Life of Tony Bennett - David Evanier I guess it depends how much of a fan you are as to whether you will find this interesting or not. I am a huge fan and have been since the very early 60's. This is the first book that I have read that has included anything that might be construed as negativity - it includes some background of a near fatal flirtation with drugs and alcohol and some information on his domestic issues, particularly with the second of his wives. However, this doesn't detract at all from the history of an incredible artist who is still working at the age of 85 to sell out audiences of all ages - and not relying on reputation but is genuinely still a phenomenal performer. This book will show you why. His dedication to musicians and his craft has led to an incredible legacy of great music. How his experiences in the Army in World War II turned him into a life-long pacifist and a truly brave man who marched with Martin Luther King and supported equality for many years before it became 'fashionable'. A rich man now who doesn't own a house, a car or a boat and really has little interest in 'things'. His brilliance as a painter as well as a singer, his pictures can sell for upwards of $80,000 and his latest venture raising the money and backing a school of arts in his old home town of Astoria in New York - and as typical of the man, named it after his best friend, Frank Sinatra rather than himself! A great read - if you like that kind of thing!