Dark Flight

Dark Flight - Lin Anderson A good read if just a little bit formulaic, although that might be a little harsh. A cross between 'Silent Witness' and 'Rebus' as a team of Glasgow based Forensic scientists investigate the murder and sexual mutilation of a woman and her mother witnessed by the woman's young son who goes missing from the scene. The forensic team (female) are the real drivers behind the investigation as the police tend to play second fiddle. As with 'Silent Witness' the line between police & forensics is breached as it seems that the scientists do most of the criminal investigation as the police kind of plod along behind!The story ranges from Glasgow to Nigeria and involves ritual child murder obviousy inspired by the witchcraft murder when the headless and limbless corpse of a black child was recovered from the Thames in London, The 'so-called' 'Adam' murder, and the real case is referenced as JuJu, witchcraft and Christian beliefs intermingle.A good narrative which keeps the reader moving along with it. Worth a read and I will look for more novels by Lin Anderson in the future.