Field Grey (Bernie Gunther Mystery 7)

Field Grey: A Bernie Gunther Mystery  - Philip Kerr I am a huge fan of Philip Kerr so was not too surprised to find that I really enjoyed 'Field Grey' although I can see it would not be everybody's cup of tea! Kerr, as usual has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of pre and post war Germany, the Nazis and the emerging Cold War. You need to be interested in this period and have some knowledge of key characters of the time as detail abounds with a fictional thread running through a dark and terrible period. What fascinates me is understanding how a relatively ordinary German is sucked into a horrifying time in his own native land and makes the reader appreciate how difficult, in fact impossible, it would be to resist a terrifying evil developing in a country you love.Not an easy read - but great all the same - if you like this kind of historic setting. A real pragmatic and survivalist story - no James Bond characters here!