The Girl Who Played with Fire

The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larsson This is better than the first book but still I struggle to understand the appeal of these books. There are far too many characters in them so it is almost impossible without keeping some kind of family tree and a computerised reference library to remember who everyone is!None of the characters are particularly likeable - so as in the first book I find it difficult to identify with or care about what happens to any of them.The writer also has the awful habit of introducing multiple new characters sometimes three quarters of the way through the book - which I think is a terrible cop-out, how can a reader be expected to interact with a story if relevant information is suddenly introduced so late in the narrative?and please, please, please find the characters more interesting things to do than make coffee and eat sandwiches which seems to be the main activity in their lives.I wish somebody would bloody-well kill Lisbeth Sallander - she is the most unappealing and irritating 'hero' I think I have ever come across.Sadly, another pretty unsatisfactory ending as far as I'm concerned. Might read the last one at some stage but had enough of them for the time being.