Review 'Only the Innocent' by Rachel Abbott

Only the Innocent - Rachel Abbott

I found this book quite a difficult read as the subject matter of a  rich and powerful mysogynist abusing his position as an apparent philanthropic head of a charity apparently with the objective of helping prostitutes, very harrowing. It occurs to me that it might have been considered somewhat fanciful until one looks at the recent exposure of the vile Jimmy Savile and his decades of abuse that seemed to be pretty much ignored and it is clear this could well have happened, which is the cause perhaps of the discomfort.  It is therefore a good if not comfortable read and also goes beyond the abuse of the innocent but also the culture of control that enables some men to abuse otherwise independent and intelligent women who fall within his realm of influence.


My main criticism is that I found the police officers and the relationship between them and the female characters totally unbelievable. As a police officer myself for 8 years a long time ago admittedly, I did not find them credible. Perhaps it will appeal to women more (is that sexist? I hope not) as I also found the constant references to make up, perfumes, bath salts and clothing totally annoying. As a consequence it seemed to me to fall between two stools as it appeared to me to not know whether it was a romance novel or a gritty thriller with serial killer overtones!


I only hope if I am ever confronted with a character like Hugo Fletcher that someone a little more professional than the officers in this case turn up to deal with it.


A good story with great relevance to current events so worth a read.