Absolute Power

Absolute Power - David Baldacci Excellent book with an excellent premise where a thief, in the course of a burglary witnesses the murder by Secret Service men to protect the President of the United States who is attacked in the course of a sexual encounter that gets out of hand. Once the decision is made to cover up the killing, I found the twists and turns as the thief seeks to protect himself as he becomes the chief suspect great, although the fact that the thief's estranged daughter just happens to be a lawyer, who has a love interest who is also a lawyer who just happens also to be a friend of the thief a bit contrived - personally perhaps a campaigning journalist might have been a more credible protagonist than a bunch of lawyers but I suspect Baldacci might have connections with the trade! Nevertheless an excellent book which I think was made into a film with Clint Eastwood with a very different outcome to the plot. Recommended and incredible value as a download at 70p - books of this quality deserve better rewards but that might just be me talking as an author!