The Fairey Flag by Michael T. Ashgillian - A great follow up

The Fairey Flag (The Northland Tales) - Michael T. Ashgillian

What a great follow up to 'Under the Tree': A Northland Tale, Michael T. Ashgillian's first novel in The Northlander Series. Under the Tree was a great, primarily children's book that could be enjoyed by adults as well,  but The Fairey Flag takes the reader to a darker place as the heroes from the first novel are recalled to the Northlands to face a growing evil that threatens to engulf the beautiful lands as the evil Tseth, Queen of Hel, marshalls her dark forces to enslave the inhabitants.  The story is also, at 302 pages, a full length read, whereas the first book was novella length. As a consequence this tale will appeal to older children and adults alike. If the first two are anything to go by, the next 8 which apparently are already drafted are going to be unmissable! I am already a fan of the Northland Tales. Recommended.