I suppose fame is all relative!

As an Independent author it is always nice to be acknowledged as one - even if you don't have the reach of some more famous writers. But one of my loveliest experiences happened in a coffee shop I went into in my home town.


I knew the owner and whilst sitting sipping my coffee he suddenly approached me with the opening statement "We had another famous writer in here the other day."


My first instinct was embarrassment, as whilst it was very nice of him, by no stretch of the imagination could I be considered "famous" (some also might even question the suggestion that I am a writer but that is another thing entirely!).


My immediate response was that the statement was wrong on so many levels! - but I then went on to ask who the "other famous writer" was.


The discussion then developed into a most frustrating conversation as it seemed that although the other writer was apparently extremely famous, he, and also none of his staff seemed to know who he was!


Discussions about age, description, accents etc all led down a dead end until I finally said, "Well, given that you don't seem to know anything about him, how do you know he was famous?"


One of the waiting staff said "One of the customers recognised him, I can't remember what she said his name was, but apparently he wrote something called 'The History Boys.'


Shocked - I said "Alan Bennett! - You had Alan Bennett in here?" Alan Bennett


"That's him", she said, " I didn't know who he was so I forgot the name as soon as she said it."


I turned back to the owner excitedly, "You had Alan Bennett in here? - You have no idea how it feels to be included in the same sentence with Alan Bennett. - Now he is properly famous!"


The owner looked somewhat underwhelmed despite my obvious mix of pride & hero worship and after a few seconds pause he replied,


"Not in here he isn't..."