Brave, satirical & Funny

Look Who's Back - Timur Vermes

Adolf Hitler wakes up on a piece of waste ground in Berlin in 2011 - he hasn't aged, he is dressed in his soldiers uniform (which smells of petrol) and he has no idea how he got there. He understands that the war was not going terribly well from his perspective but apart from that he has no idea what has happened. Berlin, understandably, is almost unrecognisable and his views are completely unchanged. He becomes a media sensation as a celebrity comedian who has obviously (from everyone else's viewpoint) decided to immerse himself totally in his adopted 'character' which is part of his 'act' whilst he sees this as the start of a long path back to power. I think it is unlikely that anyone but a German could get away with this book but I found it fascinating and it had many interesting things to say about the modern world and the cult of celebrity.

Recommended, if challenging from my perspective.