As good as it gets?

Clan - David P. Elliot The Gathering - David P. Elliot

When someone describes your book in such terms it is very difficult to be very British about it and to keep it to yourself so I apologise in advance for the lack of modesty!


"Hi David,Well,there isn't enough words to describe the most intriguing,mysterious,wonderful book that I have ever read in my nearly 70 years.I just couldn't put it down until finished,and my dragon, [Phil] is ordering The Gathering.Every Clan member ought to read it, it would make them even more proud of being a clan member that they are now.There was one page that made me go cold, and relevant to me.Back in 1971, I was shot in the hip in an accident, and still have the bullet.See page 132.I think that Wee Jock was actually stabbed, but could i be a reincarnation? Will get in touch later as I intend to try and get to see you in Wantage. I don't think that we have met in the past.

Best wishes.

Wee Jock Elliott[with two t's]"


The mention of getting to see me in Wantage refers to the Red Cap Publishing Open Day on the 30th August 2014 - more details Red Cap Open Day video