The Price of books...

There has been debate for years as to the correct pricing of books and I'm not sure it has ever got very far with the ongoing battle between Amazon & Hatchette as a prime example.


As an author, I believe if I put some effort into writing a book, (and I do - believe me - even if it might not look like it!) I think I am entitled to a reasonable return on that effort, whether that book be a traditional paperback or an e-book.


Ultimately, however, things are only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it I suppose, but personally I would rather that decision is made by an actual reader than someone who clearly has no particular interest in books at all and in this latter category I would include the likes of Amazon and many of their so called 'Amazon Marketplace' sellers.


Having found 5 apparently different sellers selling a second-hand version of one of my paperbacks for £0.01 I wondered what was in this for Amazon and or the 'seller'. I couldn't see what might be in it for Amazon - other than being right in the middle of yet another Internet transaction regardless of value, and clearly the reseller it seems to me must be expecting to make a profit on the £2.80 postage & packing charge.


However, when I extended my research to another of my books, I found this second-hand listing.


Things are now clearer - the true value of my books are somewhere between one penny and £2,500 each.


I'm not sure that helps in my marketing efforts...